Upper Third Enjoy European Day of Languages

To celebrate European Day of Languages, the Modern Languages Department and Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee joined forces to provide an evening of cultural entertainment and international food tasting for the new Junior House girls.

Embracing the rich diversity of the Wycombe Abbey community, UIII were treated to poems and songs in Thai, Bangla, Turkish, Danish, French, Latin and Modern and Ancient Greek. The dinner in Big School allowed girls to taste dishes from countries around the world, including Germany, Mexico, Italy, Japan, and Russia. The pupils’ linguistic knowledge was tested with a quiz to start off the evening, and it ended with a rousing performance of a well-loved song in a plethora of languages.

Special thanks go to the performers, the presenters, and our catering team Holroyd Howe for helping us organise such a positive and inspiring evening.

Mme Nott and Dr Tsaknaki
Head of Modern Languages / Head of Classics

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