Day at McLaren for Industrial Cadets Pupils

At the end of March, a group of pupils who are taking part in the Industrial Cadets Award had the amazing opportunity to visit the McLaren headquarters and factory. This was to help inspire them for the green-powered car that they are making as part of their award. Read below some thoughts from the girls about their day.

“We particularly enjoyed seeing the factory as it was fascinating to see the different stages in the cars’ manufacture. In addition, we had the chance to talk to many staff members about their experiences. Many employees did not have an engineering degree and it was really interesting to hear about the different career routes one can take to work at McLaren. Overall, we had an amazing day and definitely got a lot of inspiration and advice whilst we were there.”


“Seeing many of the old Formula One cars was incredible and we learnt a lot of interesting stories behind each one from McLaren’s first race car to the one Daniel Riccardo drove last year. The building itself was also incredible and many times (especially when we got to go through secret doors disguised as walls) it felt like a James Bond Movie.”


“McLaren has illustrated the power of perseverance. Even when things don’t go too well, they re-evaluate. They are constantly changing and developing in order to face challenges and do not give up. Especially during difficult times such as the pandemic, McLaren was able to re-evaluate and turn its production line into a line that produced ventilators for Covid NHS patients. Engineers combined their knowledge and adapted to the situation. It was truly inspiring”


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