Closed Weekend Excitement to start the Term

Last weekend, the girls were engaged in a whole host of activities and much dancing on the first Closed Weekend of the Spring Term. There are two Closed Weekends each term where all girls stay in school and contribute to the creation of community through whole School events, activities and trips. It is a fantastic way for everyone at School to get to know each other and experience new activities, visit exciting places and spend time together.

On Saturday, after a day of sports fixtures, the girls gathered in Big School for a silent disco. Introduced last year for the first time, this year, the pupils knew just what to expect and had their song requests ready. They enjoyed singing their favourite tunes and dancing with pupils from all different age groups. It was wonderful to see the school come together to start the new year. The music was not only the highlight of the night! A wide variety of ice cream flavours were on offer, as well as a chocolate fountain which added to the excitement and buzz of the evening.

The following day was just as busy, with Societies Sunday taking place throughout the afternoon, mainly being run by Heads of Societies. There were over 25 different activities for the pupils to choose from. They included driving sessions at Daws Hill with the Greenpower Society, chess, mosaic coaster making from the Classics Society, stage make-up with Drama, furniture renovation with the Art Society and the Film Society screened Singing in the Rain. We also welcomed a mobile planetarium, self-defence instructors and a teacher of the deaf, who all provided valuable new skills to the pupils.

The societies at Wycombe Abbey are a fundamental part of the school community that allows girls to explore their subjects of interest further, challenge them to think about a lot of the theories they learn in class and apply them in real-life scenarios.

We are looking to host a Cultural Celebration Day at the end of the term, where we will be inviting both the Heads of our cultural societies and all pupils across the school to demonstrate and celebrate their cultures and cuisine and for some cooking.

Mrs Fiona Gee and the Resident Tutor Team
Head of Activities and Trips

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