Carrington Talk: Nikita Malik ‘Radicalisation and Terrorism’

On Friday 16 October,  Sixth Form pupils had the privilege of hearing from Nikita Malik, as part of the school’s Carrington Award Programme. Nikita was named as one of Forbes Magazine ’30 under 30’ in 2018 and has been hugely influential in law and policy, recently serving as the Director of Radicalisation and Terrorism at the Westminster-based Think Tank, The Henry Jackson Society. Her research on terrorism and security, gender-based violence, and technology has received international media coverage, influencing policy makers such as the Houses of Parliament and the United Nations.

Pupils were keen to learn of Malik’s experience with The Henry Jackson Society, where she acted as one of five female directors. Her role within the society involved disseminating technologies promoting recruiting material. Malik explained how they reduce the glamourisation of terrorist organisations. Pupils were also curious about the legislative repercussions for individuals such as Shamima Begum, who is now fighting to regain her UK citizenship after it was revoked in 2019. Malik consequently suggested legislative change would avoid offloading responsibility onto other countries, and would facilitate global terrorism reduction.

Malik’s talk encouraged Sixth Form pupils to reflect on the influence of technology and gender balance in combatting extremism to guarantee a safer future for communities.