Careers Spotlight: Ronit Kanwar

Wycombe Abbey pupils were treated to a talk by award-winning entrepreneur, and Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia candidate, Ronit Kanwar. Ronit is a consultant at Schmidt Futures, a venture facility for public benefit co-founded by Eric Schmidt, and CEO and co-founder of Empower Energy, a social enterprise which is building a rural distribution network in India. Ronit’s start-up has won numerous high-profile awards.

Ronit set up an extremely successful business whilst still at university and graduated with a BA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford.  Ronit strives to alleviate poverty on a global scale and delivered a talk to our pupils as a proud advocate for social entrepreneurship:

Ronit’s dedication to making a difference to our world through his company Empower Energy was truly insightful and interesting to learn about. His perseverance with entrepreneurship competitions at university struck a chord with me in particular, as starting a business myself through the Tycoon programme at Wycombe has taken lots of persistence and devotion. I was amazed by his ambition and the risks he took to make his business a success, such as when he moved out to India to bring electricity to the rural poor. This is highlighted when comparing his venture to the norm of going the easy route of getting high paying jobs in the city. His dedication to his work is truly inspiring. He gave us some very insightful advice about how he found the opportunity to make a difference to the world and how we might be able to do the same in the future.

Madeline (LVI)

Thank you to Ronit for an interesting careers talk and for taking the time to inspire our pupils.