Boarding Life this Summer Term

House Girls Chatting | Wycombe Abbey

A girl’s House is part of her identity while she is at Wycombe Abbey. Our boarding system provides a supportive family in which girls learn to be independent, to value and empower each other to do their best. Due to Covid-19, our physical boarding was suddenly interrupted, however, our House families have continued to meet virtually and continue their usual activities throughout lockdown. Some have introduced new activities to keep our tight-knit community of girls close during the recent unsettling times.

The Outhouses

Airlie closed their well-worn games cupboard and swapped Swingball for Sudoku challenges and poetry writing and participated in House activities online. Games remain a firm favourite for Airlie, using their remote sessions to maintain community spirit and friendships. Their next-door neighbour, Barry, have continued their ‘love of treats’ through a virtual baking competition and virtual dorm hot chocolates.

Butler created an online common room to share photos and stories and keep connected whilst away from School. Butler House staff set weekly challenges for their girls such as baking bread, making tin foil sculptures and baking two-tiered cakes. Baking seems a popular activity too for the outhouses, with Campbell girls sharing their favourite recipes alongside favourite films and books. Campbell have also been helping the community by sewing face masks and helping the elderly.

Pitt and Rubens

Pitt and Rubens have also been giving back to their local areas and raising money for charity. Miss Hoyle, Rubens Housemistress, commented, “[The girls’] sense of sisterhood has always been lovely to see in the House, and it has been very moving to hear how much they miss their boarding House. I am sure that when the girls return, they will do so with a renewed purpose to seize every opportunity and make the most of their time together”.

Daws Hill

Daws Hill has been quiet without the sound of the girls on site. Whilst we are sure the girls are missing their Houses, they are probably not missing the long daily walks up and down the hill! Shelburne spirit is still going strong, Cloister have continued their caring ways by helping their communities, and Wendover have been missing their laughter-filled pizza evenings, however, have kept in contact online.

Junior House

Meanwhile, Junior House continues their active participation in School events, with many entries to the virtual pet show and Sports department’s challenges. We are sure the Junior House girls are looking forward to joining their Senior Houses in September, with plenty of new activities to get involved with.


A special mention must go to our Clarence girls. Whilst no one could have envisaged that their last term at Wycombe Abbey would be away from school and their friends, their lively enthusiasm in all they do has continued. Memories of ‘lucky dip Thursdays’ and dodgeball tournaments will stay with them as they graduate to become Wycombe Abbey Seniors. Good luck, girls!