Art Lessons During Lockdown

Practical subjects can be fundamental in alleviating the amount of screen time. For this reason, we have maintained our normal format in delivering the inspiration for our lesson:

  1. Explain the task
  2. Ask questions
  3. The practical session with staff on-line to chat as a group or individually

Adapting to Giving Practical Guidance Online

Virtual ‘face-to-face’ lessons each week are vital to reassure girls and to promote new ideas, particularly for GCSE and A level pupils. Staff agree it is challenging and, at times, very frustrating to be unable to guide the practical work, but talking through ideas, giving a strong structure and showing examples on the screen can help confidence and promote an improved development of individual thought. Departmental staff discuss outcomes and set work across the whole year group, thinking about materials and subjects which are easily accessible to all households.

LIV Double Exposure Manipulation using Photoshop

Double Exposure Manipulation | Wycombe Abbey

UIV View from a window during lockdown

View From Window During Lockdown | Wycombe Abbey

Using Food as Alternative Art Materials

The Art pages on MyWycombe are informative, giving girls ideas for working in colour and using different materials which can be found in food cupboards. Drawing with biro on newspaper and cardboard is just as rewarding as using cartridge paper and dyeing with coffee or boiled onion skins – which are accessible for all.

Work set includes: encouraging the use of still life; recycled sculptures; online visits of London galleries; photography and the use of filters and manipulation with Photoshop. Grayson Perry’s TV Art Club and the Duchess of Cambridge’s photography competition with the National Portrait Gallery certainly inspire and promote a passion for Art amongst our girls during the lockdown. All assignments extend the skills we have taught since September and we try to guide continued success. Through MyWycombe girls submit work by uploading their images and the gallery of achievement tabs on our remote learning pages for the younger years, in particular, are exceptionally vibrant – well worth a look. This, in turn, encourages staff to plan and be stimulated. It is a two-way process, just as it is in the classroom.

It has been interesting and challenging adapting to technology, but our girls are always willing to assist in screen sharing or chatting about something they have watched or materials they want to use. The department is so appreciative of their help, their hard work, diligence and the interesting questions and feedback on each lesson.

UIII using recycled materials to create food sculptures

Pizza Food Sculpture | Wycombe Abbey
Burger And Drink Food Sculpture | Wycombe Abbey
Chocolate Cake Food Sculpture | Wycombe Abbey
Dish Food Sculpture | Wycombe Abbey

UIII Matisse inspired composition

Matisse Inspired Composition | Wycombe Abbey