Weekend Activities

At Wycombe, weekends are an integral part of the week. We are committed to ensuring our girls enjoy a holistic, balanced lifestyle and, therefore, offer our students relaxing and engaging weekend activity programmes.

During the course of the year, Wycombe provides a variety of sporting, cultural, social and recreational activities appropriate for each year group, which broadens each girl's experiences. These will vary from trips to theme parks and activity centres, the cinema, theatre, shopping, sports, arts and craft activities and cooking. Regular social evenings and discos are held with Eton College, Winchester College and Radley. Each House organises its own social events too; some are in-House like the DVD and pizza evenings and others involve trips, like the House outings at the end of each term.

Weekend time allows for the consolidation of friendships and assists in creating a sense of belonging which is constructed through shared experiences. The special community spirit, mutual support and intimate knowledge of each other gained through diverse, shared experiences are treasured.