Careers and Wycombe Abbey Seniors

One of the best things about being a Wycombe Abbey Senior is the network of careers support waiting for you to draw upon.

Wycombe Abbey girls go on to pursue a wide range of careers as Seniors. We currently have a Wycombe World Cup lacrosse player; an Olympian and Paralympian; opera singer; Woman of the Year 2015 Winner; leading playwright; Broadcast Meteorologist; Controller of BBC One; Producer of films like ‘Paddington' and ‘Testament of Youth'; a number of CBEs, judges and Hollywood actresses; several CEOs of international charities and Directors of financial institutions; and many distinguished business women, journalists and editors, lawyers, and Rectors and Fellows.

Careers support begins while still in School, as girls benefit from work experience, careers fairs and lectures with Seniors. A group of LVI girls interested in the Civil Service were recently invited by a Senior for work experience in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

We frequently hold sector-based careers networking events, for instance around Law and Finance and Clinical careers.

We keep a sophisticated database of Seniors study and career details and interests, and also keep a record of careers networking aspects they'd be interested in benefiting from or offering. This allows us to tailor communications and opportunities and connect Seniors with likeminded peers and professionals.

Would you like to meet with Seniors in your sector? Attend industry-focused seminars or talks? Network with your peers? Seek advice or mentoring? Gain work experience or work place shadowing? We can help with any of these, so do get in touch if you'd like to offer or benefit from them!

In the coming year we hope to develop industry-specific sub-groups and facilitate their activities. This has already begun on LinkedIn: connect with us for further opportunities. We look forward to hearing ideas and collaborating with you!