Wycombe Abbey: An Illustrated History

Set for release in September 2016, ‘Wycombe Abbey: An Illustrated History' is now available for pre-order. Follow the link here to purchase a copy.

Written by Dr Margaret Beckett, former Head of History at Wycombe for more than thirty years, this engaging, meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Wycombe Abbey from its origins to the present day. Although providing an overview of the School's earliest history, Dr Beckett focuses on the changes that have taken place since the School re-opened in 1946, and charts the development of the School as its Headmistresses rose to the sometimes considerable challenges they encountered to make Wycombe Abbey the vibrant community and centre of excellence that it is today.

But this is no dry history. Dr Beckett's accounts of how life at Wycombe Abbey has changed over the years are enriched by the reminiscences of many Seniors and ex-members of staff, while newly commissioned photography helps bring to life many of the connections between the past and the present in a series of visual essays on themes that encapsulate the spirit of the School.