Mental Health Awareness Day

At the end of April we had our first ever Mental Health Awareness Day in school. It was the brilliant idea of the outgoing Head Girl team and they worked with the Wellbeing department to run a day that would give all girls and staff the tools to look after and understand their own mental health. The main aim of the day was to ensure that every single person in the school understood that mental health is something that we all have and that we must all look after it in the same way that we look after ourselves physically.

Each girl started the day by filling a ‘Mind Apple' with three things that they do daily to look after their minds. These apples were then hung on a tree in the main entrance hall. The tree looked like it should have been in a Dr Seuss book! Other activities during the day ranged from relaxation sessions, introductions to helpful apps such as Calm and Headspace, walks around the beautiful school site and a screening of Stephen Fry's documentary about life with Bipolar. A highlight of the day was a talk from one of our school councillors, Salome, who led a conversation on how we can support ourselves, our friends and our family through a tough time or suffering through mental health illnesses.

I am really grateful to every single girl for their enthusiasm, honesty and engagement with the day. This is just the start of our new conversation about mental health here at Wycombe Abbey. I know that it will be a long and on-going one and I hope that the girls, staff and parents will join in with it.

Miss Blunt

Head of Wellbeing