English Schools' Mace Debating Competition

On Wednesday 2 December, Jaemin and Indira, LVI, represented the School in the first local round of an English Schools' Mace debating competition. They were required to prepare a case in advance of the event, arguing against paying reparations to countries that suffered from the slave trade. As with all debates, the emphasis was not only on making a sound case for their side, but also on successfully rebutting points made by the other side.

They did so with aplomb, and will be continuing on to the next round, pitting their mastery of logic, persuasion and eloquence against schools in the wider region. Congratulations to both Jaemin and Indira on this pleasing result. Many thanks to Jasmine and Alicia, LVI, Public Speaking Prefects who helped them prepare thoroughly, Ms Barone for organising their attendance and to Miss Flather who escorted the girls and enabled them to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.