Welcome to VI Form

Being in VI Form at Wycombe Abbey does feel different – there is more flexibility and more opportunity! The girls take on extra responsibilities and lead the way for younger peers by running the House, Sports teams, Music groups and societies and organising School events. There are also more opportunities to meet pupils from other schools through the Young Enterprise programme and the Business Management Conference and social opportunities such as the Caledonian Society, formal dinners, lectures and debates.

Friendships broaden and deepen during VI Form as girls spend more time with those studying the same subjects. LVI boarding areas provide a flavour of what the following year will be like when the whole UVI comes together in Clarence. It is easier to mingle with others in the same year as there are more relaxed bedtimes and there is considerably more freedom to come and go from School.

Girls will have learnt how to take responsibility for their own learning and organisation, how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and, alongside A levels, how to be proactive in pursuing individual interests and activities. Their horizons will have broadened and they will be at the peak of their career here at Wycombe, glimpsing what they will achieve later in life.

Help with university applications begins at the start of LVI. Girls are taught how to research different universities and courses and have a VI Form Tutor available to provide guidance and advice along the way. It is really easy to understand the application processes as everyone works through a programme designed specifically towards entry in universities and colleges in the UK and in America in particular.

For more information about our VI Form please visit our VI Form Website at www.viform.wycombeabbey.com.

We encourage you to come and spend some at Wycombe to experience for yourself our VI Form opportunities.