Important people in your life

Meet some of the people who will play an important part in your life here at Wycombe Abbey…

Mrs Wilkinson, Headmistress
You may have already met Mrs Wilkinson on your first visit to Wycombe Abbey, but if not, you will be sure to see her around the School within your first week.

Mrs Wilkinson
Mrs Wilkinson

Your Housemistress will look after you every day, oversee your school work and will always want to hear your news. If you have any problems or concerns at School or in your House, she is the person to chat to.

 House  Housemistress
 Junior House
 Miss V Marks
 Miss Allen
 Rubens  Mrs Peers
 Airlie  Mrs McGeehan
 Barry  Mrs Spillman
 Butler  Mrs Buxadé del Tronco
 Campbell  Dr Yuasa
 Wendover  Miss Lafford
 Cloister  Mrs Harris
 Shelbume  Mrs Jenkins

House Matron

The Matrons in your House assist your Housemistress by ensuring you always have clean and tidy clothes, they wake you up every morning and make sure that you are healthy and happy.

Reverend Jane Chaffey, Chaplain

Reverend Chaffey looks after Wycombe’s spiritual, charitable and community activities. She is always available to offer friendly words of advice and encouragement.

Reverend Chaffey
Reverend Chaffey

Your Housemother will lookout for you when you move into one of the senior Houses at Wycombe. Your Housemother will be an older girl in your House and she will be one of the people with whom you share a dorm. She will help you to settle into House life, answer any questions or worries you might have and can give information about life at Wycombe.

Head of House
The Head of House is the link between the girls and Housemistress in every House. She works closely with the Housemistress and will always tell her anything she needs to know. Heads of Housereadily offer a chat, a smile and words of encouragement.

ICT Department
Your laptop will be very important to you. The Help Desk in the ICT Department will be able to assist you with any problems or concerns you have.