Science is the study of how the world works. Science enriches our lives, expands our imagination and frees us from ignorance. At Wycombe Abbey, the aim of our department is to motivate, encourage and inspire pupils to see the excitement of Science and to realise its importance and relevance to present day society and everyday life. We design our courses to appeal both to those who wish to specialise in Science and to those for whom it is part of a broader education.

The Science Department occupies ten dedicated laboratories, recently refurbished and equipped to the highest standard for modern teaching. Biology, Chemistry and Physics exist as three autonomous departments and are taught separately throughout the School by specialist teachers. However, they are of course interconnected and develop the same methodology and skills. Concepts introduced by one subject are developed in the others and we strive to ensure that pupils appreciate that the ideas and skills are interdisciplinary. The three work closely together to celebrate and promote Science as a whole through activities such as STEM day, GCSE Science Live Conference and the cross-curricular project.