Virtual Met Gala: A Starry Night

On Saturday 2 May, Wycombe Abbey hosted its first virtual Starry Night themed ‘Met-Gala’ Charity Dinner. Despite these unprecedented times, the Wycombe community gathered remotely to raise funds in support of Wycombe Homeless Connection and to have a good time. We hope all the families involved enjoyed dancing to the playlist, joining in with the quiz, and were inspired by the Pinterest board for some lockdown creativity!

Recreation of Famous Paintings Using Household Items

We held a friendly competition, challenging families to recreate famous paintings using household items. We would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulations Lily (LVI) and her family for their winning recreation of Freedom From Want by Norman Rockwell, pictured here:

Met Gala winner 1 | Wycombe Abbey

Prizes will be given out when we return! A special mention must also go to Alice (UV) for her creative and imaginative approach to Van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Portrait. If you look closely you can see the clever use of hand sanitiser – very apt at this time!

Met Gala Winner 2 | Wycombe Abbey

We really enjoyed seeing all the entries and it was a very close call!

Say a Little Prayer by the Stage Band

A huge thank you to the stage band (Izzy, Cate, Ellani, Darvin, Katie, Eleanor, Carys, Dr Yuasa and Mr Ledingham) for creating such a special atmosphere with their fabulous rendition of Say a Little Prayer. You can watch their fantastic virtual performance here.

Thanks For Your Support

An amazing £1459 was raised all thanks to Jemma and Earn (the outgoing Charity Prefects) who began organising the event earlier this year. We have some very big shoes to fill! We would also like to thank Reverend Penny for her continuous encouragement and enthusiasm. Lastly, this could not have been possible without the lovely Wycombe community, who have maintained the school spirit and continue to support each other. We hope that everyone is staying safe and we look forward to being back together again.

A Message from Wycombe Homeless Connection

Heather from Wycombe Homeless Connection said:

“We were thrilled to hear about the Virtual Met Gala and are hugely grateful to the prefects, students and staff – your creativity and generosity makes such a difference to the people we are serving.

“We have been very busy the last few months, and we believe we are going to see even more people made homeless as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow. But because of your ongoing support we will be here to continue to help people to keep a roof over their head and to find a home if they do not have one. We know that, even after the pandemic is over, there will be lasting, deeply challenging changes to our economy and social care system, that will mean our services will be needed for the long term. So, thank you very much for throwing the Gala in aid of Wycombe Homeless Connection. You are the reason people in a housing crisis are able to get the help they need.”

Report by Charity Prefects Nat and Vas