Subject Spotlight: Art During Lockdown

Art during remote learning lockdown

For this week’s Subject Spotlight, Miss Williams tells us what the Art Department are doing to help girls stay creative whilst remote learning.

The study of Art develops creativity and confidence and gives girls a new language of expression. During remote learning it is a great way for the girls to step away from their computer screens and put pencil, chalk or brush to paper. Working spaces have varied and the odd input by pets can add to the interesting surface textures.

All year groups have been busy, especially the examination pupils who are currently creating their final pieces of work to submit for their GCSE and A Level courses.

UIII have been working on their drawing skills using fruit and facial features, LIV have drawn natural foliage using stippling and worked on negative imagery, and UIV have been influenced by Angie Lewin and have drawn a range of textures using black biro to create more sophisticated compositions.

The UV GCSE groups have been layering up abstract backgrounds using newspaper, acrylic paint and cut stencils, influenced by the work of Tom Wood.

Girls can view artwork from other pupils in Year Group Virtual Galleries on MyWycombe. They may not be able to exhibit physically at School, but they can online!

We are delighted with the quality of work produced and staff will be soon encouraging more creativity by developing photography skills with all year groups, which is something to look forward to.

Kay Williams
Head of Art