Seniors, Parents and Pupils Support the Community during Coronavirus

The wider Wycombe Abbey community is involved in a variety of ways to help the nation’s efforts during the Coronavirus outbreak. We have heard about how pupils, parents, and Seniors are supporting their local communities during this extraordinary time.

Our congratulations to Senior, Dr Gloria Smith, 2014 leaver, who qualified as a doctor at the beginning of April. Rather than taking a well-earned break and undertaking her elective in Borneo, Gloria immediately volunteered as a Junior Doctor at the Whittington Hospital, London, frontline on a COVID-19 ward. She says “starting work on the wards earlier than expected in a global pandemic was daunting, but the resilience and positivity learned at Wycombe have been invaluable to me in this experience, and of course the support every step of the way from my lovely Wycombe friends!”

Victoria Young (Circle 158), and her daughter Marnie (Rubens, UIV) have responded to the ‘Scrub Up!’ campaign, sewing scrubs for the medics at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Taking the time to learn (or re-learn) a skill for the benefit of others embodies the ‘Give Back’ charity initiative here at Wycombe. This photo shows Marnie cutting out fabric prior to sewing.

Senior, Alex Martin, is performing a remarkable service on the frontline of the COVID-19 effort. Usually a consultant surgeon, Alex now works in ICU palliative care at the University of Bristol’s Academy Medical Dean at Weston General Hospital, providing valuable care for those patients most badly affected by Coronavirus, and their families. Alex (Bee) sent the photo below this week, in her full PPE. Our thoughts are with Alex, and those others in our Wycombe Abbey community providing essential care in their communities at this time

Alongside supporting the NHS, Wycombe Abbey Seniors are taking the initiative to help their local communities. Jane Makower Mather (Circle 151) and her husband are using their home as a delivery hub for 20 local households and distribute milk, bread, fruit and vegetables every Wednesday to those in isolation.

Thank you for the tireless efforts from members of the Wycombe Abbey community to aid the national effort during this crisis. Please continue to share your stories with School at

If you want to get involved in the ‘Scrub Up!’ campaign like Victoria and Marnie, the full details can be found at