Many congratulations to the current girls who have been awarded Scholarships for the academic years 2019 and 2020.

2019 Scholarships 

Age 16+ 

Clara Canning-Jones  The Bathurst Scholarship 
Sarah Dauris  The Flux Dundas Scholarship   
Emmanuella Etuokwu The Davies Scholarship 
Katie Foreman  Music Scholarship 
Darvin Min The Fisher Scholarship  
Melissa Riley  The Dr Seville Scholarship 
Melissa Riley  Music Scholarship   
Ellani Visavadia  Music Scholarship   
Wing Lam Wong  The Tang Award   


 Age 14+ 

Iris Canning Jones     Music Scholarship                  


Age 13+ 

Mia Guildford  The Wycombe Abbey Open Scholarship 
Hojung Kim The Johnston Yapp Scholarship 
Taeyoun Kim  Music Scholarship 
Megan Kwok  Academic Exhibition 
Megan Kwok  Music Exhibition 
Hannah Lee  The Lancaster Scholarship 
Emily Lu  Academic Exhibition 
Mia Ven                              The Crosthwaite Scholarship 


 Age 11+ 

Esme Bartlett              Academic Exhibition                           
Emilia Di Vito                      Music Scholarship 
Jane Law  The Barnes Scholarship 
Mia Shen  Academic Exhibition 


2020 Internal Awards  

Age 16+

Charlotte Defriez          Music Scholarship                                        


Age 13+

Tia Bajpai                                     The Goodland Scholarship
Ahjung Kim                   The Wycombe Abbey Open Scholarship 
Emily Ying-Clifton             The Walpole Scholarship