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Previously situated in the Main Abbey building, two new purpose-built Houses, Pitt and Rubens, were officially opened in September 2017 having been built on the site of our old swimming pool.

In Rubens, we have around 60 pupils from ages 12 to 17 with plenty of communal work and living spaces on the ground floor including music practice rooms, a kitchen and drawing-room. Living in a modern boarding House is a privilege, and the Rubens family are very proud of their House and frequently invite friends from different Houses over for pizza parties and dancing in the common room. Rubens is a kind, supportive and joy-filled House where every pupil feels part of a special sisterhood and their individual talents are recognised and nurtured by their peers and the staff looking after them.

Our House colour is a vibrant, eye-catching pink and this is the perfect colour to reflect our key values of kindness and generosity of spirit. Rubens pupils are quick to help one another whether that be with prep or a listening ear. The pupils act as big sisters to one another and they know that their adult family is always close at hand to help guide them too. Every pupil in Rubens is known, and we achieve this by talking to each pupil in the day and evenings and supplement these informal catch-ups with weekly activities and treat nights like ice cream parties or surprise Galentines nights.

Miss Hoyle and the Rubens House team

Meet the Rubens House Team

Cat Hoyle has held a number of roles at Wycombe Abbey including Second in English; Sixth Form Tutor; Assistant Housemistress (Pitt) and Deputy Head of Sixth Form. She is thrilled to lead Rubens House as Housemistress.

A proud teacher of English, Miss Hoyle's favourite books include Maus; Frankenstein and Atonement. When not on duty, Miss Hoyle enjoys going to the gym, walking her dog or going to the theatre. Prior to her long serving career at Wycombe Abbey, Miss Hoyle completed her undergrad at the University of Edinburgh. After graduating, she worked at Gordonstoun as an Assistant Housemistress and Assistant Teacher of Drama; followed by a year teaching English at Brentwood School; after which she completed her PGCE at Cambridge. Miss Hoyle completed her NQT at Wycombe Abbey and she hasn't looked back since.

Beth joined Wycombe Abbey as Deputy Housemistress and Teacher of Biology in 2019. Prior to this she worked in a number of schools in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. She read Biology at the University of Sheffield before completing her PGCE at the University of Oxford.

In her spare time, Beth can usually be found walking her dog, at the gym or riding her horse. She lives with her black labrador, Hero, who is a well loved member of the Rubens team.

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