Oxbridge University Offers in 2020

Oxbridge Girls | Wycombe Abbey

This year 23 Wycombe Abbey pupils received university offers from Oxford University and The University of Cambridge; with 8 girls offered places from the University of Cambridge and 15 from Oxford University.

Director of Sixth Form, Dr Neal Carrier, says “Securing an offer from Oxford or Cambridge is probably more difficult now than at any other time. As the number of applicants continues to grow and the application process itself becomes more onerous, quite apart from the drive to widen access, these girls may be justly proud of what they have achieved. The offers they have received are a testament to their intellectual independence and academic engagement. Very well done to all of them.

That such a wide range of subjects are represented is a testament to the breadth and quality of the academic offering at Wycombe Abbey, but also to the core Wycombe Abbey ideal that girls are allowed the freedom to follow their own interests and are nurtured in doing so”.

Headmistress, Jo Duncan, said “I am delighted that a significant number of our Oxbridge applicants have been offered places this year. The process is a rigorous one, demanding that girls leave their intellectual comfort zone to grapple with new ideas and concepts which are often well beyond the taught syllabus. I have no doubt that their education at Wycombe Abbey has prepared them well to continue on this path and I look forward to seeing their success as undergraduates in the coming years.”

In addition to the girls’ success in receiving Oxbridge offers, over 30 Clarence girls and Seniors have been offered places at US universities and colleges. This represents Wycombe Abbey’s biggest ever cohort of applicants to the US.

Warm congratulations to all our Upper Sixth girls who have received their university offers this year. These offers are testament to their dedication and hard work and we are committed to supporting each of them to secure their places.