Over 100 Private Language Lessons Per Week Delivered Remotely

Girls Learning Outside | Wycombe Abbey

An impressive total of 15 languages are being taught remotely to Wycombe girls this term. Six languages as part of the curriculum, and a further nine are being taught privately by the Modern Languages department, comprised of 24 members of staff.

Over 100 private lessons are being delivered weekly, demonstrating that Wycombe girls will not be put off by learning remotely. From the very start of remote learning, our multilingual community has enjoyed these digital interactive sessions. UIII pupils, in particular, were quick to express their enjoyment after the first few days.

A Well-Resourced Software Bank

In preparation for lockdown and teaching digitally, the Modern Languages staff sought out the best possible resources over the Easter holidays to inspire passion for their subject, only to realise just how much we already had as part of our well-resourced software bank.

Overcoming Challenges to Enjoy the Wide Range of Modern Language Activities

Wobbly Wifi connections and encouraging pupils to speak up using the target language have proved a challenge at times. However, as time goes by, the girls have gradually overcome their shyness and are enjoying the wide range of modern language activities: from discussions about current affairs, literary analysis, learning vocabulary and grammar practice, competitions to language blogs. Special thanks go to our Modern Linguists Society Chairs Cecilia and Susana. The multilingualism of our community is being nurtured and stretched to enable language learners to embrace the outside world in its digital and real form.


Mrs Eva Pique
Head of Modern Languages