The Great Wycombe Abbey Egg Drop

Egg Drop | Wycombe Abbey

Parachutes, air bags and crumple zones were amongst the innovative engineering approaches taken to construct entries to this term’s Great Wycombe Abbey Egg Drop.

A Weekend Spent Constructing Contraptions

Pupils were asked to construct contraptions capable of protecting an egg flung from the top floor of the Abbey. Plans had to be hatched using only limited materials including tissue paper, balloons, paper clips, straws and paper.

Teams from across the year groups from UIII to LVI entered the competition, taking the weekend to engineer a range of cracking devices.

Everyone was shell shocked when all but three devices were eliminated in the first round, with devices catapulted from a low platform.

The remaining contraptions made by Airlie, Junior House and Wendover were then flung from the Abbey’s top floor.


Pizza Night Prize Won by Airlie

Sadly only the Airlie egg survived. The team were egg-static to win the prize of a pizza night for the whole boarding house.

Alyssa (LVI) said: “It was huge fun working together as a house over the weekend to come up with the best design. We went through several planned designs before we came up with idea of using the tissue paper as a parachute with a cradle to cushion the final drop. Everyone loved the pizza night prize”.

The event was organised as part of our Weekend Activities Programme.

Dr A Goddard

Director of Co-Curricular Activities