The Gold Industrial Cadets Project Launch

On Monday 16 November, Wycombe Abbey launched the Gold Industrial Cadets Project, which links pupils in the Lower Sixth with industry professionals to work on real-life, scientific, engineering and technology projects. The project, hosted through the Engineering Development Trust’s ‘Industrial Cadets’ programme, will enable pupils to develop their team working, problem solving, and many other personal skills.

Extra Curricular Girls | Wycombe Abbey

Two teams of approximately six Lower Sixth pupils will spend the next four months working on an engineering project, guided by their external mentor. The teams will be working with ASF Partnership on projects relating to specific environmental and sustainability issues, chosen by the pupils.

The Gold Industrial Cadets Project offers an invaluable opportunity for young people to reframe their environmental concerns in a positive way, whilst providing them with an insight into the wider STEM industry.

The launch event, organised by Director of Science and STEM, Mrs Sue Buxton, included an introduction to the scheme and projects, a team challenge, and an introduction between teams and their industry mentors. Mrs Buxton said, “we are really pleased to take part in the Gold Industrial Cadets Project. We are eager to see the pupils’ projects come together under the valuable guidance of their mentors.”

At present, there is a diversity deficit in the UK engineering sector, with a workforce that is still only 12% female, according to Engineering UK. By connecting our girls with industry specialists, we aim to inspire them to pursue their passions through a STEM career.