Giving at Wycombe Abbey

Wycombe Abbey has a strong philanthropic culture that is supported by our core values of mutual respect, encouragement and trust. Our donors’ support is vital in helping the School to achieve its strategic aims in preparing our girls for bright futures through an outstanding school experience.

“It has been a challenging year for all and one that has, in some ways, changed the way we work irrevocably. I am very proud of how we have pulled together and shown resilience and determination, and the kindness of others has been more apparent than ever,” notes Mrs Duncan, Headmistress. “The philanthropic culture at the School is very much alive and we sincerely thank our donors and supporters for leading the way”.

Wycombe Abbey’s Bursary Programme is at the heart of our School community. Every girl is empowered to make the most of her own personal abilities in preparation for the exciting opportunities that lie beyond School. Since 2018, we have seen a striking 125% increase in Bursary applications, and two-thirds of bursaries awarded in the 2019-2020 academic year were awarded at 100%.

The Wycombe Abbey Bursary Fund allows us to offer talented young women who would benefit from an education at Wycombe Abbey the opportunity to join the School, no matter her family’s financial circumstances.

“In 1963, I was very fortunate to be given a bursary. Tucked away, I still have my boater; Shelburne tie and boot bag, but not my lacrosse stick, Sport not being my forte. Attending Wycombe Abbey has been of such unquantifiable benefit, I’d like to think my gift will go towards helping another pupil whose parents need financial support, a means-tested bursary, in order that their daughter might also reap the same, lifelong benefits of an education at Wycombe Abbey.” (Trish Walker, Senior).

We endeavour to widen access to as many pupils as possible. We will do this by strengthening and developing our Bursaries and Partnership programme, working with local primary and secondary schools and individual families. Our existing relationship with Cressex Community School will be developed by sharing good practice, hosting outreach events and mutual support.

At Wycombe Abbey we have been heartened by the generosity of parents, Seniors and Friends who have supported School. Thank you for helping us to empower each and every girl, no matter her family’s financial circumstances.

To become part of our giving community, please contact Clare Flynn-Scarcelli, Director of Development at