Staying Fit and Healthy during Lockdown

Our subject areas are once again delivering a curriculum remotely. Below, Sport tell us how they are keeping pupils fit and healthy during lockdown 2.0, including Mrs Bryett-Windle top tips.

For our Sport lessons this lockdown, our provision is designed to achieve three important goals:

  1. To ensure all pupils remain healthy and active.
  2. To allow all pupils to remain engaged with the School’s programme, offering interaction with their peers and staff on a weekly basis.
  3. To ensure our performance athletes are fully supported.

For all year groups, we are running weekly 30-minute live workouts which will include a range of different activities that will cater for all abilities and interests. Every girl will be able to get and be involved. Following the workout, pupils will have the opportunity to join Q&A sessions which will cover topics such as physical health, performance, wellbeing and nutrition.

The department has also created a Microsoft Stream group called the ‘PE-Video Vault’ which is updated regularly with PE led fitness and skills videos for pupils to watch at any time in their day that suits them. These films are a great way to move the body after a few hours sat at a computer and be away from a screen.

House spirit is very much part of the Wycombe Abbey experience, and we will be running House Games challenges throughout the week so girls can still engage with their House and compete with others to be crowned the overall winners. These tasks will range from distance challenges to Strava art and outdoor bingo.

During this time, we are not forgetting out performance athletes and to make sure these pupils stay on top of their game, we are running live conditioning and programming sessions for them to join in.

Mrs Bryett-Windle’s top tips for staying fit and healthy:

  1. Try and do something active everyday no matter how small.
  2. Do activities you enjoy; this makes motivating yourself much easier.
  3. Get outside as much as you can.
  4. Set yourself a lockdown target to try something new; yoga perhaps or skipping challenges.
  5. Plan your activity into your daily schedule.

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