Astrophotography Exhibition Comes to Wycombe Abbey

Astrophotography | Wycombe Abbey

If the girls cannot get out to exhibitions, we will bring them in!

We are delighted to host the second Astrophotography exhibition by photographer Gavin James in conjunction with Jonathan Genton, who provides much of the data and interesting astronomical facts.

This term, pupils have had the opportunity to take a tour of deep sky objects. Exhibits in the LAC foyer include photography of distant nebulae up to 12,000 light years away and a range of star clusters, each containing about 1,000 to 1,000,000 stars up to a staggering 300 million light years away.

Gavin James’ accompanying book gives fascinating details about the images and explains how data is gathered from his observatory in his back garden in Marlborough and then painstakingly processed to produce the final images.

The UIV are currently studying astronomy and the exhibition has helped to extend their studies.

Virtual Lecture via Zoom To Take Place on 12 October

Gavin and Jonathan will be delivering a virtual lecture via Zoom on 12 October where all interested pupils will have the chance to learn more about the images, how they are produced, what can be inferred from them, and ask the authors questions directly.

Feedback from the girls has been positive, with the photographs described as “gorgeous and eye-catching”.