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Airlie is one of four Outhouses (Airlie, Campbell, Barry and Butler) situated on Marlow Hill. Airlie and Campbell are joined together so pupils can move between the two Houses very easily. The Victorian building has huge character with a central staircase, communal areas and workspace on the ground floor, and all bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. Staff accommodation is located on each floor so pupils can easily call on someone during the day or night when needed. The Outhouses are sister Houses, supporting one another, but it can get competitive at inter-House competitions! They are only a short walk from the Main School but far enough away to feel that you have some space from your classrooms.

Airlie shares its name with a castle in Scotland and we ensure that all cultures and traditions are celebrated, including Burn’s Night! Airlie has around 50 pupils; from age 12 to 17 and all girls up to UV have year group studies and shared dorms. The oldest pupils (LVI) have study bedrooms and their own sitting room.

Our motto is ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and pupils are encouraged to be open with staff and one another. In this way, we hope pupils can raise issues at an early stage and get the necessary support needed; especially if boarding school is a new experience. Some pupils will move up from Junior House to join us in LIV, whilst others will be joining older year groups from other schools. Whatever the situation, it won’t be long before pupils feel at home in Airlie. Our pupils are frequently appointed to School Prefect roles and Airlie girls have been elected Head of School on many occasions!

We enjoy events both on and off site with meals out, bowling or disco boat trips on the River Thames to name some highlights.

At the end of the Airlie experience, pupils will emerge as a balanced individual who combines competitiveness with compassion, honour with humour, and excellence with effort.

With best wishes
Miss Flynn and the Airlie House team 

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