A Reflection on Perseverance by Sports Captain, Daisy

Daisy May | Wycombe Abbey

Persevering through something is never easy. By definition, perseverance is persistence in doing something despite the difficulty. It is for this reason that I think perseverance is one of the most valuable skills, especially in the challenging times of today.

Perseverance Develops with Age

Over the many years that I have played sports, I have found that my perseverance has developed with age. Unsurprisingly, when I was younger and more stubborn, I often wouldn’t do something if I didn’t want to, especially if I found it hard. This was commonly observed at my Friday swimming sessions when my coach would announce that we would finish the night with a set of sprints. I would be tired, hungry and therefore, I would half-heartedly sprint, knowing I could go faster if I wanted to, but that required too much effort. On reflection, I realise that my mentality was much simpler, and I could not grasp the concept of persevering; why keep going if it’s hard and there is no tangible reward?

Now that I’m about to start my final year of school, my ability to persevere has improved greatly.  Whether I am at early morning fitness or a late-night lax session, the same predicament still runs through my head. The temptation to stop and rest is so powerful, but I never give up like I used to. The difference is, I have developed the mental toughness required to persevere and push through the tiredness I am feeling. I can now understand that even if the reward is not always present immediately, the hard work will pay off in the long run.

Sports Team | Wycombe Abbey

Perseverance Gained Through New Routines and Remote Learning

These past 7 weeks have really tested me, particularly my perseverance. Developing new routines and starting remote learning has been very demanding, and I know that I am not alone in this feeling. We may not realise it, but each day that the school community and I wrestle with the WiFi router, adapt to looking at a screen all day, and try not to argue with our family, we are persevering. It is through this perseverance that we will eventually come out of lockdown and return to normal life, having acquired new skills and making bonds with our families, and having the brilliant feeling of knowing that we kept going even when it felt so tough. That feeling of self-pride is the reward in itself. If only someone told my primary school self that.

Daisy, LVI
2020-2021 Sports Captain

School Re-opening

We are delighted to announce that Wycombe Abbey has started the process of re-opening School in full compliance with UK Government rules and guidance. A group of Lower VI pupils returned to the School site on Monday 15 June 2020.


The BSA Covid-Safe Charter

The school is adhering to the BSA Covid-Safe Charter, full details of which can be found here.  The Charter gives confidence to pupils and parents that the school is following a range of extensive measures to ensure that boarding is a safe environment for pupils.

This covers a range of matters including, but not limited to, the safe movement of pupils and staff around the site, effective organisation of boarding houses and classes, test and trace and quarantine measures, and Medical Centre arrangements. We have looked at all of these aspects in depth and we will continue to communicate with parents as we move forward.

Our online learning programme has been very well received, however, we are looking forward to having all girls and staff back together as part of our School community once more.

A full risk assessment in relation to re-opening is available. This is reviewed weekly. Please contact Sian Rees-Evans on reesevanss@wycombeabbey.com to receive a copy.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions – we are here to support our pupils and parents as we move through this transition:

EA to the Headmistress (Mrs Rees-Evans)
Email: paheadmistress@wycombeabbey.com

Senior Deputy Head (Professional Development and Systems) (Mr Mercer-Kelly)
Email: mercerkellyj@wycombeabbey.com

Deputy Head (Academic) (Miss Boswell)
Email: boswelle@wycombeabbey.com

Deputy Head (Pupils) (Mr Jones)
Email: jonesj@wycombeabbey.com

Director of Sixth Form (Dr Carrier)
Email: carriern@wycombeabbey.com

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) (Mrs Fawkes)
Email: fawkesv@wycombeabbey.com