Emergency Snow Plan

In the Event of Ice or Heavy Snow

In cases of heavy snowfall or extreme ice it might take a considerable time to clear the internal roads in School and we may have to activate the following emergency Snow Plan. If the plan is active you will be asked to park at the extremity of the site and to proceed further only on foot, so warm clothing and sturdy footwear with grips would be highly recommended.

The barriers will be lowered and locked to close the internal access road to Daws Hill.

Barriers will also be put in place to close the road from Daws Hill to Junior House and the Outhouses.

In addition to these barriers being lowered, the entrance to the Clarence Gate from Marlow Hill will be taped off and this access should not be used.

In these circumstances vehicle movements will be restricted as follows:

Parents will be notified by text message if we have had to put the Snow Plan into action.