Girls at Wycombe Abbey are provided with many opportunities to discover and develop a wide range of skills in the area of dramatic arts, whether it be as a performer on stage, writing or directing performances, managing successful set changes as a member of the backstage crew or designing and creating costumes as part of the School's wardrobe department. Every student is encouraged to have a go and become involved, and from these experiences our girls learn to be adaptable and flexible and to think creatively whilst working collaboratively to achieve one outcome - a production to be enjoyed by all and one in which they are to be extremely proud.

The annual theatrical productions are a highlight of the School calendar and the purpose built Lancaster Arts Centre is a magnificent backdrop for housing such productions. Our girls have successfully auditioned for the National Youth Theatre in recent years and approximately one a year goes into the profession in some capacity, whilst other students go on to read Drama at university. Wycombe Abbey Seniors who have made a career in film and on the stage include Eve Best, Rachael Stirling, Naomi Frederick, Miriam Heard and Sally Philips.


Speech and Drama