Term Dates

TERM DATES 2015/16


New girls in in LIV and UIV: Tuesday 8 September by 8.00pm

New girls in LVI: Tuesday 8 September by 11.30am

LVI and UVI: Tuesday 8 September by 1.30pm

UV: Tuesday 8 September by 8.00pm

House Mothers: Wednesday 9 September by 11.00am

Junior House: Wednesday 9 September by 2.00pm

All other girls: Wednesday 9 September by 12.30pm

Short Leave Saturday 3 October at 12 noon – Monday 5 October at 8.45pm

Long Leave Wednesday 21 October at 1.40pm – Sunday 1 November at 8.45pm

Short Leave Thursday 19 November at 5.20pm – Sunday 22 November at 8.45pm

Term ends Wednesday 16 December at 12.30pm for UIII and LIV

Term ends Wednesday 16 December at 3.30pm for UIV - UVI


Tuesday 12 January at 2.00pm for UV

Tuesday 12 January at 6.00pm for UIII - LV, LVI - UVI

Short Leave Friday 29 January at 1.40pm – Sunday 31 January at 8.45pm

Long Leave Friday 12 February at 1.40pm – Sunday 21 February at 8.45pm

Short Leave Saturday 5 March at 12 noon – Monday 7 March at 8.45pm

Term ends Wednesday 23 March at 12.30pm


Tuesday 19 April at 2.00pm for LIV

Tuesday 19 April at 2.45pm for LVI

Tuesday 19 April at 7.30pm for UII, UIV, LV, UV, UVI

Short Leave Saturday 30 April at 12 noon – Monday 2 May at 8.45pm

Long Leave Friday 27 May at 4.30pm – Sunday 5 June at 8.45pm for UIII - LVI

Long Leave Saturday 28 May at 4.30pm – Sunday 5 June at 8.45pm for UVI

Short Leave Friday 17 June at 5.20pm – Sunday 19 June at 8.45pm

Term ends Friday 1 July at 1.00pm

Wycombe Abbey is a full boarding school.
We ask you to please adhere to our pattern of dates.