Term Dates

We expect all girls to be in school until the stipulated times at the start of Leaves and holidays.  At the end of term girls may stay until the morning after the stipulated date if this makes travel arrangements easier.  Please let us know if your daughter will be arriving on a very early flight so that we can make arrangements to welcome her.

Autumn Term 2018

Term Starts Tuesday 4 September / Wednesday 5 September

New girls in LVI: Tuesday 4 September by 12.30pm**

LVI: Tuesday 4 September by 1.30pm**

UVI: Tuesday 4 September by 4.30pm

UV: Tuesday 4 September by 8.00pm

UIV: Wednesday 5 September by 11.00am

New girls in LIV and UIV: Wednesday 5 September by 12 noon

LIV and LV: Wednesday 5 September by 12.30pm**

UIII: Wednesday 5 September by 2.00pm

Short Leave Saturday 29 September at 12 noon – Monday 1 October at 8.45pm *

Long Leave Wednesday 17 October at 4.15pm – Sunday 28 October at 8.45pm

Short Leave Friday 16 November at 3.30pm – Sunday 18 November at 8.45pm

Short Leave Friday 30 November at 3.30pm – Sunday 2 December at 8.45pm

Term ends Wednesday 12 December 

(UIII – LV at 11.45am, UV – UVI at 3.00pm)


Spring Term 2019

Term Starts Tuesday 8 January

UIII, LIV: Tuesday 8 January by 6.00pm

UIV: Tuesday 8 January by 4.00pm

LV: Tuesday 8 January by 5.00pm

UV: Tuesday 8 January by 2.00pm

LVI: Tuesday 8 January by 7.00pm

UVI: Tuesday 8 January by 8.00pm

Short Leave Friday 25 January at 3.30pm – Sunday 27 January at 8.45pm

Long Leave Friday 15 February at 3.30pm – Sunday 24 February at 8.45pm

Short Leave Saturday 9 March at 12 noon – Monday 11 March at 8.45pm *

Term ends Thursday 28 March at 12.30pm


Summer Term 2019

Term Starts Wednesday 24 April

UIII: Wednesday 24 April by 6.00pm

LIV: Wednesday 24 April by 2.00pm

UIV: Wednesday 24 April by 5.00pm

LV: Wednesday 24 April by 6.00pm

UV: Wednesday 24 April by 7.00pm

LVI: Wednesday 24 April by 2.45pm

UVI: Wednesday 24 April by 8.00pm

Short Leave Saturday 4 May at 12 noon – Monday 6 May at 8.45pm *

Long Leave Friday 24 May at 4.30pm – Sunday 2 June at 8.45pm

(Long Leave starts for UVI after Clarence Leavers’ Ceremony on Saturday 25 May)

Short Leave Friday 14 June at 5.20pm – Sunday 16 June at 8.45pm

Term ends Saturday 29 June at 4.00pm

* Lunch will be provided for any girl who wishes to depart in the afternoon      ** Lunch available from 12.30pm