Wycombe Abbey Seniors

Looking out for each other since 1896

Wycombe Abbey girls have gone on to become Wycombe Abbey Seniors since the School was first founded. As a pioneer of women's education, Dame Francis Dove began the Seniors network to provide an advantageous resource for Wycombe girls and women for their whole lives: an idea that remains to this day.

Circles of support

When they leave the School, girls group into Circles of about 12, headed by a Circle Secretary, who helps maintain strong links between its members and the School. This tradition has remained unchanged throughout the years.

More than 120 years later…

The Seniors community is a dynamic network of successful and diverse women, spread across the globe, who help and support each other long after they leave School. This network can be valuable for girls while still at School or throughout their careers as they pursue varied paths and join a formidable group.

The Seniors' Consultative Committee, a group of 14 Seniors and Honorary Seniors, meet with the School twice a year to discuss Seniors' concerns and collaborate on new ventures. They also assist the School with bursaries and the Seniors' Travel Awards. They are always open to new members, ideas and suggestions.

We are on a mission to reconnect with Lost Seniors. If you have a moment, please go to the Seniors website and find the 'BBNC' tab, then click 'Document' (or click here) to find the list 'Lost Seniors July 2015'. Have a quick scan and if you know the details of anyone listed, do get in touch!