Two new boarding houses

At the heart of our School is boarding. Wycombe Abbey is a place for living as well as learning, and at the heart of Campaign 120 is our commitment to the building of two new boarding houses and the refurbishment of all the boarding houses in turn.

We want Wycombe Abbey to take its place alongside the handful recognised as world-class schools and secure its place for generations of women over the next 120 years and beyond. As well as delivering the best education, this means having outstanding facilities which make us fit for purpose for the current generation and those who follow them. The new houses will have en-suite bathrooms, personalised study areas, and generously sized social hubs. Our vision for the future also extends to discussion of pioneering projects such as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Centre, a Business and Enterprise Centre, a China Centre and a Sports Pavilion. 

To finance these ambitious, but attainable goals, we are running a fundraising campaign in addition to investing from our own carefully garnered reserves. We are confident that these ventures will create happier communities and allow for successful development in every area of the girls' lives. The new houses will cost a total of £17.5 million. Wycombe Abbey will contribute £11.5 million through our reserves and a bank loan. However, we cannot do this through fee income alone, and therefore we need to obtain the remaining £6 million through fundraising.

If you wish to support us with a donation towards our new boarding house project, please download and complete our Gift Form found below.