Scottish Reunion 2015

Seniors from all ages congregated in Edinburgh at the Caledonian Hotel for an afternoon of indulgence. Having left Wycombe two years ago, it is nice to see that not everything changes: our world still revolves around devouring as much food as humanly possible (whilst catching up with each other, of course)! It was lovely to have had the opportunity to meet Mrs Wilkinson and hear directly from her about the current projects at Wycombe such as Campaign 120 which is tied to the building project for the new boarding houses. We were shown a promotional video that described the plans for the building and it looked incredible! I am rather jealous of the girls who will one day be able to live there! The more recent seniors very much enjoyed being able to see Dr Tullis and Miss Fox. We told them about our adventures at university, reminisced about Wycombe and were given lots of updates about the school. Thanks must go to Sophie Patterson who organised the afternoon tea and successfully found a day which the majority of us were able to attend. Meanwhile, we are all eagerly anticipating the next Scottish reunion!

Tatiana Bell, Circle 286, Class of 2013

See more pictures of the event here.