Lo Hei Dinner in Singapore

The Singapore Seniors met for a bit of food flinging in honour of the Chinese New Year. A specifically Singaporean/Malaysian tradition, “Lo Hei” literally means the “tossing of good fortune” and, for some novices, is an eye opener. A tip to our overseas friends: a fish and vegetable salad infused with all the staple double-entendres of prosperity, longevity, sweetness, health & wealth, mightily tossed with chopsticks (“the higher the better”) makes for a good reunion. It was a boisterous evening as usual. Thanks to our social-motivator and regular Seniors-gatherer, Stephanie Cheah (Circle 170, Class of 1989), and to Wei Ling (Class of 1997) and Yee Ling (Class of 1998) for arranging the venue and food at the Red House at Quayside. Wishing all Wycombe women a Happy New Year of the Ram.

P.S. We've been promised a whisky tasting for the next gathering…

Michele Marshall, Class of 1986