Taking over Shakespeare’s Globe

Wycombe pupils and Seniors stormed the stage at Shakespeare's Globe on 20 March with ‘A Shakespeare Soirée', showcasing the best of their acting, dancing, singing and musical talents in 16 unique performances.

The evening celebrated the School's 120th anniversary as well as 400 years since the death of Shakespeare on a scale worthy of the occasion. The enormous cast of 220 entertained an audience of over 1000 members of the School's community with the fast paced and lively show.

The first half saw everything from the dramatic entrance of Henry V and his army to a powerful delivery of Bernard Levin's enlightening monologue entitled ‘Quoting Shakespeare'. The evening also saw the inaugural performance of ‘en pointe' dancing on the stage at Shakespeare's Globe.

With actors making clandestine appearances from within the Yard, characters from Hamlet duelling with fencing sabres and courtly dances from Lords, Ladies and jesters alike, the event was fabulously energetic and a true testament to the abilities and hard work of all involved.

Head of Drama and Artistic Director Miss Livesey drew attention to how wonderful it was to have ‘an all-female cast on a stage that, in its original condition, would only ever have seen men and boys'. The bespoke occasion aptly celebrated founder Dame Frances Dove's vision for educating and empowering young women, proving to be a defining moment in the School's history and a joyous demonstration of our girls' prowess across the performing arts.