STEM at Wycombe

Oxford University Materials Workshop

Wycombe Abbey hosted a Materials Tensile Testing workshop. Jayne Shaw from Oxford University Materials Science Department led the two practical sessions. Pupils from The Royal Grammar School and John Hampden Grammar School also attended and joined in.

We all took part in an activity about the stress and strain of materials. This helped us to understand how engineers and material scientists decide which materials to use for designing planes. During the workshop we used a tensile testing machine to measure the extension and force applied to a chosen material. We then entered the data into a computer to calculate the stress and strain of that material and plot a graph comparing the results.

It was an excellent opportunity to learn about an aspect of science that many of us hadn't thought of before.

Bee Club

Bee Club members also enjoyed learning how to make frames.

A small production line was set up, making the frames for the supers where the bees will (hopefully!) start to make their honey this spring. We developed our skills at deftly assembling and nailing the frames and foundation together; there are plenty more that need making so we expect to become very proficient quite soon!

Mrs S Jones
Director of Science and STEM