Measure for Measure

On Tuesday 22nd September, 21 LVI English students, accompanied by the English department, took a trip to the Globe to watch Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. The evening began with a lecture from Professor Healy (Head of English at the University of Sussex) which set the scene for a truly fantastic, thought provoking night. Questioning Professor Healy on Shakespeare's use of Vienna as a setting for the play provided some useful material for this week's essay task on the play! We then fought through the crowd to get prime positions in the yard.

The three hour problem play had us laughing at Shakespeare's witty dialogue yet questioning the purpose of justice and law in society. Moral dilemmas were left unanswered and exuberant characters used to lighten tensions. The director's chosen ending was not unanimously favoured, allowing for some lively debate on different interpretations of Shakespeare's ending. But, by10:30pm we were suitably tired, ready for the coach journey back to school after a superb evening!

Sophie, LVI