Maths Challenge

On the 26 November four of us took part in the Senior Team Maths Challenge held at John Colet School.

The challenge consisted of three rounds, all of which required a certain degree of teamwork in addition to the usual problem solving skills. The first round consisted of ten questions that were to be solved by the whole team in 40 minutes. Our team chose to divide the questions between us and then come together afterwards to check answers. Some questions were quite challenging and we had to discuss them for a while. We managed to score 9/10 in the end, placing us in the top four for the round.

The crossnumber was next, where the team was split up into two pairs and each pair was handed either the across or down clues. We then had to work out the solutions to the clues and in the process fill out the crossnumber grid. Some clues required solutions from the other pair, making it even tougher. Fortunately, we had practiced this round beforehand, hence we completed the round without much difficulty and scoring full marks in the process.

The final round was the relay where the team was once again split into two pairs. Four questions in total had to be answered but the solution to the previous question was needed to solve the next question, meaning one wrong answer could affect the whole outcome at the end. A time bonus was given to teams who could complete all four questions correctly under six minutes. We scored full marks including time bonus in the first set of questions but unfortunately the time pressure got to us as the sets of questions became harder and we started making silly mistakes. We did not score as highly for this round in the end as our other rounds but luckily for us neither did the majority of the other schools. We came third overall, and were the best girls' school in the region. It was a really rewarding experience!

Wei, LVI