History Trip to Berlin

Over Long Leave the History Department took us on a trip to Berlin in Germany to visit a wide variety of iconic and important World War II and Cold War sites.

It was an incredible trip, and our amazing tour guides, Alain and Martin, gave us lots of really interesting insights into what it was like to serve as a soldier in Berlin during the Cold War. They took us on a memorable and action-packed tour which covered everything from the Brandenburg Gate to the Russian War Memorial, and from Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and a Stasi prison to the remnants of the Berlin Wall.

A personal highlight was the Berlin Unterwelten, or Underworld, nuclear fallout shelters in Berlin built just in case of a nuclear war. It was really interesting and since the layout of the shelters are still there in the train stations and under the roads it feels like you are living the history. Ascending both the Reichstag Dome and the TV Tower at night gave a truly beautiful view of the city, which drew together much of what we had seen, and gave a sense of what this extraordinary city represents. All in all, it was an incredible trip, and a lovely way to spend Long Leave.

Thanks must go to our fantastic guides, and the History Department.

Sarah, LVI