Dr Sigman and Sensible Behaviour in the Home

Dr Aric Sigman, (http://www.aricsigman.com/) neurophysiologist, psychologist and author of books including ‘Alcohol Nation', ‘The Spoilt Generation' and ‘Body Wars', spoke to parents on Saturday 12 December, on the subject of Body Image. He gave us some very powerful messages about the importance of modelling sensible behaviour in our homes and the influence that both mothers and fathers have on their children's perception of what is healthy. Dr Sigman explored the role of social media in promoting unrealistic images of male and female beauty which lead to body dissatisfaction and gave a clear guideline of an average of two hours a day of recreational screen time being a healthy limit for adolescents.

We look forward to welcoming Dr Sigman back to Wycombe Abbey in order to speak to girls and staff later in the year.