Computing trip to Bletchley Park

Tuesday 13 October was Ada Lovelace Day (the Victorian computer programmer) and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by going to Bletchley Park with the LIV - ration packs in hand! We had been studying the history of code-breaking in the Second World War to understand the origins of the modern digital computer so this timely trip was an excellent addition to our new Computer Science curriculum.

Skye, LIV, wrote; ‘We received a talk from a woman who showed us an actual WWII Enigma machine and how it worked. We even got to press the keys - something that you cannot usually do so it was very exciting. We then got to crack the combination locks of a briefcase using evidence from social media, which shows us how important it is to remember what you post on the web. It took us 10 minutes to crack. We also looked at passwords of various people and how long they would take to break. Some took seconds and others much longer. This shows the importance of picking a complicated password (but make sure you can remember it!). I learnt a lot from the talk and actually changed a few of my passwords on return to school.'

Georgina, LIV, wrote: ‘On the tour we saw all the old buildings, code-breaking huts and blocks where so much secret work was conducted during the war. We also saw ‘The Imitation Game' film exhibition. We saw the dress worn by Keira Knightley and the jacket worn by Benedict Cumberbatch. We also stood in a set from the movie.

Overall it was a really fun trip where we learned a lot. Many thanks to Mr Porter, Mrs Compton, Mr Bishop, Mr Joyce, Mrs Stringer, Miss Flather and Miss Jakeman.'

Mr Porter

Head of Computing