Andalucia Tour 2015

This summer our Choir and Chamber Orchestra spent a thrilling week touring through southern Spain, performing in churches and cathedrals for enthusiastic and receptive audiences as well enjoying the delights of the local culture! Take a look at a snapshot of the tour below…

Sunday 28 June

Today is our first concert day! We have the chance to venture into the centre of Seville after breakfast – learning quickly to always have water to hand. The Plaza de España is our first port of call: constructed for the Spanish-Americas Fair in 1929, each little alcove is decorated with ornate tiles depicting each region of Spain and its important cities, towns, legends and products. An ice cream van catches our eye, and our attention wanders! A short walk later we arrive at the vast Gothic cathedral that holds the tomb of Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus). We don't have much time to look around though as we need to get back to the hotel to collect our concert gear and head off to Cádiz for our first performance.

We arrive in Cádiz in time to find ourselves a late lunch before meeting at our performance venue to rehearse. The Iglesia de Santiago Apostól is stunning! We haven't yet grown into the honed, super-efficient team we would become by the end of the week and set-up in the church takes some time. Pepe – the man in charge – is all smiles and goes the extra mile in helping us to drill open the keyboard case (the key was left back in Seville!). After a less-than-wonderful meal in a local restaurant, we are ready to give our first concert…The church is nearly full with an audience of locals, tourists and some parent ‘groupies' who have come to support us! The atmosphere is fantastic and we encounter for the first time a sound we will get very used to before we return to the UK – that of fans clicking open and closed! It is still swelteringly hot so we sympathise with the audience for trying to keep cool – but it is a bit of a distraction we have to get used to!

The concert goes very well; we are already significantly more together and energised than we were performing back in England. It has been a long but exhilarating first full day and we get back to the hotel in Seville just before midnight, ready for a good night's sleep!

Mr L Tubb

Director of Music