Women's History Lecture 2016

On Wednesday 5 October a Senior Research Fellow from University of London, Dr Elisabeth Kehoe, visited the school to give a lecture on the life of Lady Randolph Churchill (Jennie Jerome), Winston Churchill's mother. Girls from UVI, LVI, UV and LV were intrigued to hear about the American beauty's sociable character and extravagant lifestyle, her complex relationships, especially those with her sisters and her son. In the wider context of society and culture, Dr Kehoe presented a particularly interesting insight into how marriage within the British aristocracy was deeply entwined with the pursuit of wealth and status, like those experienced by the Jerome sisters.

The discussion and the questions raised at the end also proved to be highly stimulating. Unexpectedly, Dr Kehoe brought many insightful photos relating to the life of this incredible woman to be shared amongst the girls. We found the event to be extremely engaging and enlightening, which will in turn deepen our interest in investigating the personal and social lives of influential historical figures. The lecture was a History Society event, the culmination of the annual Women's History project here at Wycombe which is kindly sponsored by Wycombe Abbey Senior Dr Crandall.

Scarlett, UVI