Space photography competition

Congratulations to Cordelia, LIV who came second in her age category in the EO Detective Competition.

More than one thousand entries were submitted to the National Centre of Earth Observation at the University of Leicester in the first competition of its kind.

Children in the UK were given the chance to suggest areas on earth that they would like to see photographed from space. The winning admissions described clever ways to use photographs to investigate deforestation in Brazil, the expansion of a refugee camp in Jordan, an intermittent lake in Australia, and methane emissions near pig farms in Indiana.

The winners in each category were presented with their chosen photographs, signed by British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake, at a ceremony at the National Space Centre.

Credit: National Space Centre
Credit: National Space Centre

UK scientists use imagery taken from space, including astronaut photography, every day in their work to better understand aspects of the Earth's changing environment – from weather and climate to animal migration. Tim Peake's stay on the International Space Station provided a chance to celebrate the strength of space science research in the UK and inspire a new generation of scientists who will use Earth observation data.

Well done Claudia for getting involved.