Work Experience

This year the Work Experience co-ordinator at Wycombe Abbey School arranged placements for a total of 92 girls from UV-UVI. The placements were hosted by 31 different organisations ranging from large multinational companies to small independent businesses with the average length of placement being one week.

The girls at Wycombe Abbey found their placements an invaluable insight into the world of work. Below are some articles and pictures from a few of the girls that experienced the world of work this summer.

City of London Magistrate's Court - This summer I was privileged enough to be chosen to spend a week in some of the Magistrate's Courts in London, including the City of London Court, and Westminster Magistrate's Court. I spent three days in and out of different courtrooms, witnessing all sorts of diverse, exciting cases. I also had an amazing time at the City of London Police Station, where I spent an afternoon with the Drugs team, the Forensics team and the Firearms unit. This was extremely thrilling; I was able to handle all sorts of guns, rifles, and even Tasers! It was a revealing and invaluable experience that I would recommend to anyone considering law.

National Grid, Wokingham – Engineering work experience can be hard to come by, so when, after much deliberation over logistics, myself, Hannah Cardiff and Annabel Murley managed to secure ourselves two weeks (for me, a month) at the National Grid's office in Wokingham, Surrey, we could not have been more pleased. We were there to continue our Engineering Education Scheme project of managing frequency on the power grid, National Grid being the company that distributes our electricity to us, but we ended up doing a great deal more than just that. We assessed wind farms abilities to monitor weather forecasts and predict their power output, using statistical knowledge from A Level maths, and experienced a number of the possibilities within National Grid through shadowing members of various teams. I also had the privilege of updating National Grid's system to align with current conditions, adding on over thirty wind farms that they previously had not been monitoring, which would help greatly in deciding how much electricity would need to be distributed to those areas. Overall, it was a highly enriching, hands-on and professional month of work experience, and I couldn't have felt more welcome at any other company.

University of Oxford, Dept of Experimental Psychology – During the summer holidays I got to spend a day in Oxford's Psychology Department. The opportunity to be able to see Psychological research in action and to take part in it myself was what I enjoyed most. I took part in a study on adolescents' responses to different social situations and it was really fun and interesting to use an eye-tracker and to see how it works. Overall, I had a great day, learning a lot from the people working in the department and convincing me further that Psychology is a hugely fascinating and exciting subject.

The Foreign Office – On March the 28th, a group of girls went for a very interesting day to learn all about life at the FCO. The day began with a quick tour of the exceptionally beautiful main building and then we were shown to one of their meeting rooms where we heard about the experiences of six people currently working at the Foreign Office, some of whom were recent recruits and had just entered through the FastStream and some of who were more experienced, and how they had got there (including the very demanding sounding assessment day!) This was followed by a visit to their crisis centre where there is a small group of people on standby for responding to crises. When we visited, the events in Ukraine had just started to escalate, so it was very timely to see the place in action. We were given a mock disaster situation to deal with and had to decide how best to evacuate British nationals living in an at risk country back to the UK. This experience was a very exciting one and really gave a flavour of how exciting the job would be. Thank you to Wycombe Senior Sara Everett for making the trip possible and the careers department for organizing this wonderful trip - this is now definitely a career I am thinking of pursuing!