Girls in House
Girls in House

Wycombe Abbey, in common with most schools, operates a House system. It is, however, the case that such House systems vary considerably between schools so an explanation of Wycombe's approach, from both a philosophical and practical point of view, may be helpful.

Every girl entering Wycombe is assigned to one of nine Senior Houses. Whilst UIII girls go into Junior House for their first year, they are still allocated a Senior House before they arrive, enabling them gradually to get to know some of the girls in their House during their first year and easing transition. Girls move from their Senior House into Clarence at the end of the LVI.

Geographically the Houses are split into three areas:

Abbey Houses: Pitt and Rubens;

Outhouses: Airlie, Barry, Butler and Campbell;

Daws Hill: Cloister, Shelburne and Wendover.