Exeats and Leaves

There is always plenty to do at weekends. In addition to sporting, music, drama and other cultural commitments, as well as socials, our Weekend Activities Programme provides a wide range of interesting and fun activities for all ages.

Should they wish, girls may go out most Sundays, subject to School committments - Chapel, play rehearsals etc (there are also three 'closed' weekends each term when all girls are in School). Saturday afternoon after sport is an alternative option. Parents visiting School to watch a play, concert or match can take their daughters out for tea. In the better weather some parents meet up with their daughter and her friends by bringing a picnic to enjoy in the grounds.

In addition to Half Term, there are usually two quarter-termly breaks of long weekends as well. For these holidays all the girls go home or stay with their guardians if home is too far away.

UVI girls have more flexibility at the weekends, school commitments permitting.

We understand that there will always be special family occasions such as a wedding or a significant family birthday and we will do our best to ensure a girl can attend such an event.